Hear what Dr. Jessica Drummond, Founder and CEO of The Integrative Women’s Health Institute, thinks about the Cooch Ball

“This is a very simple tool that can be utilized…if you’re working on pelvic pain…or if you want gentle pressure for stress relief…It actually helps release throughout the entire spine.”

Dr. Jessica Drummond, DCN, CNS, PT, NBC-HWC

  • Freedom from Urgency

    You can bid farewell to those frantic tips to the restroom! The Cooch Ball System equips you to regain control over your bladder, eliminating that pesky urgency that disrupts your daily life, and empowering you to live more present and confident every day.

  • Leak-Free Confidence

    You can say goodbye to embarrassing leaks and hello to a new era of confidence! The Cooch Ball System was designed to naturally strengthen your pelvic floor, providing you with the support you need to live leak-free and fearlessly. 

  • Reduced Lower Back Pain

    You can eliminate ongoing lower back pain! The Cooch Ball System provides valuable education and daily routines that work alongside The Cooch Ball to alleviate lower back pain, allowing you to stand tall and move more freely. 

  • Revitalized Intimacy

    You can experience better bedroom adventures! Did you know your pelvic floor is a key player in the bedroom? With The Cooch Ball System, you can rediscover the joy of intimacy through effective workouts that strengthen, fuel and tone the muscles that enhance pleasure and connection.

  • Quick and Simple

    Nobody has time for complicated routines. In just 3 minutes a day with your Cooch Ball, you can experience a transformed life. Easily incorporate my time-efficient tool into your daily routine for long-lasting and life-giving results.

Quick and Simple: You don’t need endless time to implement life changing routines. Starting with just 3 minutes a day, The Cooch Ball System is ready to bring hope, restoration and transformation into your everyday routine! 


"I gave myself 3 weeks on the Cooch Ball, and my pelvic floor urgency is a thing of the past!" Desiree D.


"At 67, my overactive bladder is 99% better. I walk differently, have better balance, and feel amazing! Stephanie D.


"Thanks to Jana, my night waking is gone, my pelvic floor pain is reduced, and I'm back to my yoga class!" Cassandra J.

How The Cooch Ball Works For You


Addresses Root Causes

Unlike traditional approaches, the Cooch Ball System addresses the root cause of your pelvic floor issues, offering daily routines that lead to long-term transformation. When you sit on your Cooch Ball, the weight of your body is absorbed into the ball. When you breathe properly as taught in the Bloom TV, you will feel the “lift” of your pelvic floor on the exhale and the “melt” when you inhale. This powerful combination leads to you getting the extra blood and biofeedback that your body needs to repair and strengthen your pelvic floor.


Natural Healing

90% of the time, incontinence is not a medical issue, but it’s treated as one. Incontinence is usually rooted in deficient or less-than-optimal movement patterns and habits, which feed into worsening pelvic floor dysfunction. Implementing a daily 3-minute routine with The Cooch Ball System will help improve these valuable movement patterns through ongoing education and accountability, supporting your pelvic floor to strengthen and heal itself. 


Inspires Further Fitness!

Once you experience how starting a daily 3 minute routine can transform your life, it’s likely you will be inspired to take your fitness further! Your body truly is capable of so much and after experiencing the fruit of what The Cooch Ball System has to offer, many women are driven to live healthier, happier, more intentional lives.

Ready to Dive Into a Quality Weight Loss Experience?

Change Your Life With Cooch Confident Guarantee

The Complete Cooch Ball Pelvic Floor Health System:

  • The Cooch Ball
  • The Cooch Ball Pump
  • The Cooch Ball Travel Bag
  • Lifetime Access to The Cooch Confident Training Videos
  • Immediate Access to our Private Sparkly Sisterhood Community
  • 100% 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

I am so confident that The Cooch Ball System will change your life that I am guaranteeing your purchase with my 30-Day 100% Money Back Product Guarantee* because I KNOW it will work for you! (Excludes any shipping or handling fees).

*What’s the catch? My only requirement is that you do your part and follow the teaching I’ve provided in the video training I’ve made for you..

Meet Jana Danielson, founder of the Cooch Ball

Jana is a mom to 3 adult boys and wife to her high school sweetheart. She is an award-winning wellness entrepreneur who, through her own experience with pelvic floor and physical pain,  turned her mess into her message. Now HER MESSAGE IS HER MISSION!

An Amazon International Best Selling Author, Founder of Lead Pilates and Lead Integrated Health Therapies and the Cooch Ball Pelvic Floor Health System, Jana is  the world’s first woman ever to create a comprehensive plan to help women address pelvic floor health, beginning with the Cooch Ball.

Jana is a member of the Holistic Leadership Council and the recipient of the 2023 Mindshare Leadership Summit Future of Health Award. She has coached and consulted with tens of thousands of women from all over the world to help improve their quality of life, their confidence, and their impact in this world.


As a Pilates Instructor and dance teacher, I won’t be afraid to admit that I have been dealing with some pelvic floor issues lately (and I haven’t even conceived a child!). My issue is the urgency to “go” at that moment and I don’t have much time before an accident happens. So, I gave myself 3 weeks everyday on the Cooch Ball System, starting with just 3 minutes daily. I’ve learned that it’s just as important to know how to relax my pelvic floor as it is to strengthen it.  I’ve found that releasing my pelvic floor has made my urgency, well, not urgent anymore!


Desiree D

The 3 B's Are the Key

Body Position


Posture matters. Nearly 80% of Americans suffer from some form of back pain and without the proper core strength to support our bodies, gravity relentlessly pulls on us, resulting in strained muscles and posture misalignment. Because of poor posture, the average spine bears more and more weight, resulting in unnecessary stress throughout the body, impacting the pelvic floor.

Small adjustments in posture – simply standing with 60% of your weight in your heels and 40% of your weight across the widest part of your foot - can make a big difference in how all muscles, including your core and pelvic floor muscles, engage on a daily basis.

With proper posture, the muscles needed to support your body start to awaken and are at attention, ready to do their job.

Breath Work


Much like posture, how you breathe greatly influences your health – including your pelvic floor. 

Weakened core muscles, nasal inflammation, and inattention to breath have led to most people breathing shallowly, using little muscles in the neck which can be the root cause of neck, jaw, and upper back tension, and chronic headaches. With practice, you will learn to breathe deeply, saturating your blood with the oxygen needed to properly restore your body.

This type of breathing is called Diaphragmatic Breathing, and it is capable of delivering 600% more oxygen to your cells than average breathing resulting in less brain fog, more energy and a better functioning body.

With attention to both posture and breath, you are successfully reestablishing healthy blood flow to the pelvic floor.

Blood Flow


Blood flow is a crucial piece to pelvic floor health. Like a plant without water, when muscles don’t receive adequate blood flow, they start to weaken and constrict. The effects of muscle constriction can snowball quickly, leading to tightening of the connective tissue (fascia) that weaves our muscles, ligaments, and skeleton together.

Pelvic floor muscles are like any other muscles in your body; with the right information you can help those muscles function properly again!

Targeted pressured massage is a valuable practice that will increase blood flow to your pelvic floor. It will work alongside the other two B’s to create an optimal environment for a healthy pelvic floor. Together, these three practices will allow for a steady flow of oxygen-rich and nutrient-rich blood to the area you need it most. 

dancer women neuron


How do I know if I have a weak pelvic floor?

There are a few common signs! If you have to pee regularly (this is called frequency), find that you dribble a bit on the way to the bathroom, or experience not needing to pee followed by the sensation you are going to have a major accident (this is called urgency), then you probably have a weak pelvic floor. Another common indicator is not feeling satisfied after intercourse. 

These symptoms all suggest a hypotonic pelvic floor, which means your muscles are too weak to support your bladder, bowel and uterus. By retraining your pelvic floor muscles to be functionally strong, you will eliminate many of these common symptoms, experience higher quality of life and can go about your daily activities with ease and confidence.

Is using the Cooch Ball the same as doing Kegels?

Definitely not. The Cooch Ball does what all the Kegels* in the world can not do - and in only 3 minutes a day! Through consistent use of your Cooch Ball you will restore blood flow to your pelvic muscles, which is vital when it comes to pelvic floor improvement. Just as plants need sunlight and water to flourish, your pelvic muscles need oxygen-rich, nutrient-rich blood to recover and strengthen. By implementing a 3-minute daily routine with your Cooch Ball, you can create optimal conditions for pelvic floor improvement!

*Studies have shown that Kegels on their own can make pelvic floor issues worse in women who have too tight or hypertonic pelvic floors.

Will the Cooch Ball work for someone over 65?

The Cooch Ball provides results for anyone, at any age, who is consistent with their daily 3-minute Cooch Ball workout. You can sit on your Cooch Ball anywhere, be it a chair, the floor, a couch, mattress, etc. What you sit on does not matter - taking time to sit does!

Can I use the Cooch Ball if I am pregnant?

For all our pregnant customers, we advise that you connect with your prenatal medical team (Dr, Midwife, Pelvic Floor PT, etc.) as they know your personal medical history and the state of your pregnancy.

Where do I place the Cooch Ball?

The Cooch Ball should be placed between the vulva and anus, on the area of the body called the perineum. It might be easier to think of placing it between your pubic bones and your anus. You really can not get it wrong, which is great news! The Cooch Ball is designed to impact and improve the entire region. 

What is the “Ouch Factor”?

Many users will experience what we call the “Ouch Factor” during their first few uses of their Cooch Ball. This “Ouch Factor” is an indicator that the muscles and connective tissues in your pelvic floor desperately need some attention. These muscles are craving oxygen-rich, nutrient-rich blood, which sitting on your Cooch Ball will help to provide.

How should I start if I’m new to the Cooch Ball?

Great question! We recommend watching the videos in the Cooch Confident training course to familiarize yourself with filling up your Cooch Ball and sitting on it. We recommend sitting on your couch or mattress for the first week with your Cooch Ball, as this will help ensure you are safe and supported as you get familiar with this tool. 

Do not push yourself to stay on your Cooch Ball for the whole 3 minutes when starting - even 15-20 seconds is great! You may experience the “Ouch Factor” when you sit on your Cooch Ball. Do not panic. As long as you are able to breathe freely while on the ball, you are okay and the ball is working. If you notice your breath is challenged or you are holding your breath, it is time to come off the ball.

You can access the Cooch Confident System getting started course here or scan the QR code from the postcard that was included in your Cooch Ball package.

 What’s included in my Cooch Ball purchase?

Your Cooch Ball bundle includes your Cooch Ball, a Cooch Ball Pump and an instructional postcard with our Quick Start information. Your purchase will also provide you with access to the Cooch Confident System video series, which will teach you how to best use the Cooch Ball for optimal results. You will also receive access to our exclusive Sparkly Sisterhood Facebook group and our 14-day free trial of Cooch School.

How big is the Cooch Ball?

The Cooch Ball is 5 inches in diameter and is only used externally - not internally. We have been asked this many times so we want to provide as much clarity as we can!

Will I be billed more than once?

You will not! Your Cooch Ball purchase is a one time investment.  Should you choose to join our Cooch School community, then you can sign up for our monthly membership where you will be charged monthly.

 What kind of support can I expect?

Our Tech and Client Support Team is available to help you Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm CT and 9am-noon on Saturdays.  They can be reached at info@coochball.com or by clicking on the chat support bubble on our website pages.

If you have specific questions for Jana, Founder of the Cooch Ball, she hosts live Q&A calls every month where you can either submit questions ahead of time or ask them live.

What if the Cooch Ball doesn’t work for me?

We are confident that most people who are intentional with their Cooch Ball, and commit to 3 minutes a day for at least 30 days, will feel some changes in their body. This could be in the form of improved posture, increased mobility in the hips, lowered back pain, warmth in cold/tingly feet, less constipation, fewer trips to the bathroom and more enjoyable sex experiences.

If you still do not feel the Cooch Ball is working for you, we have a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. You can return the ball (at your cost) and we will refund your purchase (minus the original shipping costs).


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