Birthed From My Story

janaBloom Better was born from my personal health journey of facing unanswered questions, ongoing discouragement, and watching the dreams of my heart fade into uncertainty. At 21 years old, I faced a personal health crisis as doctors fell short of supplying the answers, treatment, and care I so desperately needed, ultimately ruling my symptoms as “an act for attention.”

Feeling as though my dreams of marrying my highschool sweetheart - Jason, becoming a mom to three amazing sons, and building my own business were crumbling before me, I decided it was time to lean on my own resilience and find answers the doctors did not have. My undiagnosed pain, which started as digestive discomfort, had evolved to affect my entire body. Excruciating headaches, persistent joint pain and indescribable pelvic floor pain were affecting my day-to-day life. Pelvic floor health was the giant I was up against, and after years of waiting for medical professionals to recommend my first move, I accepted the reality that I was in this battle alone.

At this point in my story, pelvic floor issues were only associated with women who had already had children or who were navigating menopause - two prerequisites that did not include me. Discouraged yet determined, I ventured forward alone in a search for healing, peace and answers in an attempt to fight for the life that was slipping through my fingers. My healing began in a very unexpected way. After seeing Madonna on the cover of a fitness magazine, I learned about Pilates and four months after my first pilates class, I was off all 11 of my daily medications!

Decades later, my life looks nothing like it did at 21 years old. My journey from crisis to confidence has been one of strength, beauty and resilience. Because I was willing to fight for answers and the future I desired, I am now thriving and living out every dream of mine. Because of the battles I personally walked through, I have an unrelenting desire to empower others in their health journey and provide ongoing support, care and wisdom in their choice to take health into their own hands.

Ladies, You Deserve To Bloom!

janaLife is not meant to be a revolving door of responsibilities, stress, and never-ending routines. Here at Bloom Better, I believe in providing bite-sized health solutions that build toward new routines, experiences and futures. Think of your health journey as similar to climbing a mountain. Each step of your trek is comparable to the bite-sized health changes you implement every day. As your bite-sized changes compound, you will eventually scale the top of the mountain and realize that the beauty, exhilaration and experiences around you so easily could have been missed had you not persevered through each step of the climb.

Here at Bloom Better, my emphasis is on personal discovery, self-empowerment and blooming into limitless possibilities. The first part of my mission is to remind you that, in this moment, you are amazing. The second piece of my mission is to shine a light on the path of your unique health journey. I aim to accomplish this by providing you with quality products, genuine support, an empowering community, and personal inspiration through bite-sized bits of wellness education that can be implemented into your life - starting today! My team and I are here to help you take your first step (followed by many others!) on this journey and ultimately see you bloom into a world of uninhibited possibilities - one where your health, happiness and wholeness all come together for your overall benefit!

I am here to celebrate the small steps in your journey because I have experienced the top of the mountain, the bottom of the valley, and the climb between in mine. I believe my team can help you pursue, step into, and experience the life-giving future that is waiting for you!

Bloom Better is more than a brand - we are the beginning of your journey to the life you’ve always deserved!