Dihydroberberine: The Hero Ingredient We’ve All Been Looking For

Okay, friends. True or false? When I first heard about dihydroberberine and its benefits, the first words out of my worth were literally, “Where has this been all my life?!” 


    As someone so committed to their own health and wellness journey, I am constantly on the lookout for new products, tips, tricks and tools to make health more complete in my life and more attainable for yours! For this reason, and so many more, when I started learning about dihydroberberine I felt the lightbulb go off and the excitement bubble up because of the many health benefits wrapped up in this potent yet natural product.

    Dihydroberberine is, as directly quoted by Shawn Wells in a podcast interview, “the single most important ingredient, [he] believes, that anyone could take.” Shawn is a formulator, biochemist and author in the health world and states that dihydroberberine is HIS number one ingredient AND the ingredient he believes everyone should be taking. Why all the fuss around this natural ingredient? Because this one ingredient is incredibly supportive of many metabolic functions, provides ample health benefits AND is prescription-free - because it’s derived from nature!

    Let’s dig into the history a bit to understand why there is such a buzz around this natural ingredient. 

    • Dihydroberberine is, in essence, the natural replacement product for the prescription drug metformin - a drug that has been used for the last 20 years as an anti-diabetic drug and for much longer, historically, as a flu treatment option.

    • Metformin became increasingly popular as an anti-diabetic drug because of the correlation between its use and lower hemoglobin A1c levels, less methylation, less metabolic dysfunction, decreased biological aging, fewer diseases, etc.

    • Ultimately, people were living healthier and sometimes even longer lives because of this drug - so it became highly sought-after very quickly! Because of the buzz around metformin and its many associated health benefits, metformin started to be used by people who didn’t even have diabetes so that they too could access its perks.

    • As is normal with any and every prescription drug, metformin comes with some downsides. Approximately ⅓ of metformin users experienced GI stress because of the drug. For others, it lowered their B12 levels. Some metformin was recalled because of impurity or tainted issues and, as with most medications, users needed a prescription to easily access quality metformin, making it unavailable for many.

      ** Enter Dihydroberberine **


      While dihydroberberine is not 100% free of every downside of metformin, it is, as one can expect, associated with fewer health risks because of its natural origin. Dihydroberberine is a herbally derived supplement which, when tested head-to-head against metformin, has shown to be AS effective if not MORE effective, than metformin in specific categories! So this means that the world’s "most effective anti-aging” drug, metformin, comes up short against the natural version of it - and the natural version actually outperforms the prescription drug. How cool is nature!

      So, while I am all excited about this incredible ingredient and in love with the fact that it is rooted in nature, let's talk about a product that was intentionally designed with quality dihydroberberine. Allow me to introduce SKNY Vibes! 

      This brand new product is launching soon and has been the focus of my team’s effort for the past few months. I called this product SKNY Vibes to highlight the benefits of this supplement blend as well as provide a quick overview of our standard for ingredients - all in one cute acronym! (See below!)

      S - Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
      K - Ketogenic Friendly
      N - Natural, Clean Ingredients
      Y - Youth Boosting Daily Formula

      This quality wellness product was designed to support a variety of health and lifestyle needs and is one I personally have in my cupboard (I have a sneak peek stash!!). I’ve highlighted some of my top reasons for why I’ve been counting down for this product to release.
      1. Designed for anyone looking for hassle-free solutions to everyday health needs and desires, the SKNY Vibes product scores 10/10 in my books for effectiveness, accessibility and benefits. (Stay tuned because I’m 22 days into this product and can’t WAIT to share my full results!)

      2. SKNY Vibes is made up not only of GlucoVantage (also known as dihydroberberine) but also incorporates the powerful benefits of cinnamon and gymnemic acid in its formula. These three ingredients bring their unique benefits together to provide a variety of health and wellness perks!

      3. All three of these powerhouse ingredients specifically target and support healthy blood sugar levels. Healthy blood sugar levels are vital for overall health as they help prevent excess weight gain, achieve healthy weight loss goals, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and minimize stress and inflammation. Aside from healthy blood sugar levels and the other health benefits associated with dihydroberberine that I mentioned earlier, our SKNY Vibes formula is also keto-friendly and promotes youthfulness.

      4. Because of the addition of cinnamon into our product, SKNY Vibes is also full of antioxidants, providing additional health benefits and supporting the reduction of inflammation. 

      5. SKNY Vibes also has gymnema, or gymnemic acid, in our formula to encourage the reduction of sugar absorbed by the intestines, stimulate insulin release in the pancreas, and to lower LDL cholesterol. Gymnema is a powerful, natural ingredient from India and Africa and has been used medicinally in ayurvedic practices for over 2,000 years. This plant is also used to treat stomach problems, constipation, liver disease and water retention because of its many valuable properties, so its impact on the body goes far beyond the initial reasons we wanted to include it in the formula!

      All in all, the more I learned about dihydroberberine, the more thrilled I was to launch a quality dihydroberberine supplement to offer to my community of health enthusiasts. Our SKNY Vibes supplement is the fruition of that excitement and it especially excites me as this unique formula combines dihydroberberine with other well-known, natural ingredients that have been trusted for centuries for their own therapeutic properties. 

      As Shawn Wells shared on a podcast interview, he believes “Dihydroberberine is the single most important ingredient anyone can take.” I personally have loved incorporating this ingredient into my own life and routine and look forward to hearing how it’s impacting others in their health journeys too! 

      To all of my readers, keep pursuing your personal health goals and remember, you are the single, most-important decision-maker in determining how your future unfolds!

      Live intentionally! 


      Disclaimer: Studies show that dihydroberberine isn’t as effective for everyone. Some people’s bodies respond to it incredibly well while others have bioavailability complications and don’t see as great of results.


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